A Wisconsin native from the small town of Star Prairie, Tom has been singing since age 4 and received many awards throughout his childhood and school years.  As humorously described by Tom, as a child his mother abused him with 8-track tapes of Elvis Presley and others from the 50’s & 60’s, for which he’s thanked her many times.  Further influenced in his teens by KISS, Boston, Styx, REO, Journey, Van Halen, AC/DC and yep, even Air Supply, fueled his life-long passion for singing even more.

Tom formed his first cover band, Lybra, at age 18 and they won their first Battle of the Bands three months later.  Later he formed the cover band, Street Legal, who rocked their loyal fan base for 11 years and has also appeared as a special guest on stage with Hairball, Anthem, The Dweebs, Touched, Horizontal Hero, Five Minute Major and many others over the years.

Tom was the lead singer in Arch Allies before joining Street Talk, and is happy to be sharing the stage with such talented and fun musicians.  Tom simply says, “I just feel blessed being a member of such an ever-growing family.  In how I look at it, at the end of the day, as musicians we really are just one huge family.”



Born in the Lone Star State, this degreed Electrical Engineer is a collector of “not so fine musical instruments”, barnyard animals, and anything that runs on diesel. His 342 rating on the cylinder index is offset by his ability to play several instruments including electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, percussion, keyboards, kazoo, and Mexican food.

In a previous life, Aaron played both “on the road” and with various regional acts including Skyward, Vienna, Shrimp Basket and Fraidee Kat, to name a few. He has decided to come out of musical retirement and is a founding member of Street Talk.



Scott started his drumming career on a wood and rubber practice block given to him by his mother after joining the 5th grade school band. Throughout his high school years, he chose to play in working weekend bands instead of participating in any kind of sports.

Many part time weekend bands and Moose Clubs later, Scott landed his first full time gig working with a traveling 50’s band called the Cruisers (Bus and Everything!). After that great experience, Scott joined a band called Rapid Fire and went on to win second place in a battle of the bands contest at the St. Paul Civic Center in the early 80’s.

Over the years, Scott went on to perform and play with many MN Regional Groups and formed working bands such as Brooklyn and Chaser. He has had the privelege to play with some extremely talented musicians which is still the case today.

Scott is very pleased to have been asked to be a part of the band Street Talk and enjoys the talent, professionalism and diversity the group has to offer.



Gene Schott has been playing bass for over 30 years and has been in numerous bands all over the US. He has shared the stage with Quiet Riot, Skid Row, Slaughter, Stephen Pearcy and Firehouse, among others during his illustrious career.

Gene was part of the Cities scene in the early 90’s, routinely playing at the Mirage, Iron Horse and Sharkey’s. Gene is also active in music writing and composing. Gene is not only fluent on the bass guitar, but can also play guitar, keys, cello, standup bass, and violin. Gene also plays an important part in our vocal stylings.  In addition, Gene has been a music teacher for the past 17 years, currently working in Austin and living in Owatonna, MN.



Dr. Dan was born in North Saint Paul, the 11th of 13 children, where all the girls were required to take piano lessons so he got an early start. Birth order “sandwiched” between 2 younger and 3 older girls, the family’s baby grand was always being used. He learned to play by ear and by 6 could play what he heard on the TV or radio.

Beginning with a high school basement band, he supported himself through music for 10 years until he returned to college to become a chiropractor. At that time, marriage, kids and professional life demanded a sabbatical from rock and roll.

Now, with kids in their 20’s, the practices doing well, it’s time to get back to his roots.  Dan, a former member of Arch Allies, electrifies the stage with his high level of “key-nergy.”  He still lives in the Twin Cities with his wife, Juli, who has been along for the whole ride.

DYLAN (we need more fog juice) WEESE

a.k.a. “The Juice”


Bio is forthcoming…